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I HATE when I’m in my groove then I get an email or notification that distracts me.

20 minutes later I realize I’m still in my inbox or Facebook. Time wasted. Recently, I unsubscribed from nearly everything and I’ve become so much more productive. The best part is it only took a few minutes. Instead of going through my emails one by one to find the unsubscribe link, I used Now I know that the emails I do receive are important and interesting. No more time wasted. YAY!

Cleaning out your Inbox

1.Go to and get started now!

2. Sign up with your email (repeat for multiple email addresses)

3. Click “EDIT SUBSCRIPTIONS” at the top

– make sure you go to every category (there were more hidden in my “new items” section)

4. Unsubscribe!

Waaaa laaaa. Imagine waking up in the morning without hundreds of spam emails. It’s the best.

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