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Use Social Media the Right Way

Using Instagram the RIGHT Way

Use social media to serve the people that are already showing up. Whether you have 50 followers of 500 followers, you have an audience that already supports you. Instead of focusing on who’s not following you, start serving your current audience.

Be engaging.

Be entertaining.

Be encouraging.

Be educational.

When I write my Instagram posts, I have these four words on a sticky notes on my screen. If it doesn’t hit one of those four e’s, I re-start, I also make sure to use the best likes baratos Intsagram to obtain much more popularity on Instagram.

Would you rather watch commercials all day or an engaging tv show? Your followers are the same. They don’t want to see sale post after sale post after sale post. Even your most loyal followers (hi momma ) is gonna get tired of following you if all your posting is what you’re selling.

What do I do when I hit writers block?

Cry? Give up? Stop posting all together? Sit with a caption open for hours writing and rewriting dumb prompts? Not anymore.

I turn on a podcast! This sparks inspiration inside me and helps me write captions for hours. Its important to share content that fits your ideal client. For example, if you sell baby clothes, make sure you’re listening to podcasts for moms. KNOW your audience. If you want to book brides, listen to podcasts that would inspire young adults that fit your dream bride mold – finances, decor, fashion, etc.

Whether taking photos is a creative or professional pursuit, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools that both budding and established photographers can use to promote their work.

The visual social media app is an effective way to build interest in your work, connect with other photographers, find potential clients, get published, and give and receive feedback to improve your practice.

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