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113. Why You Should Pick a Word of the Year Instead of Resolutions 

Why You Should Pick a Word of the Year Instead of Resolutions 
With the new year comes resolutions, goals, and promises to ourselves that often go out the window within a month. But this year, why not pick a word instead?
Word of the Year
Making a single word your intention for the year can create lasting change in your life without setting you up to fail. Setting an intention allows us to see our goals in terms of shades of grey rather than black and white. Just as importantly, it keeps us focused on today’s actions and gives us something concrete to meditate on throughout the year. 
Here’s how to get started. How to Choose a Word:
Choosing one word for your intention for the coming year shouldn’t be hard—it should be fun! Here are some tips on how to select your own word of the year: 
1. Think about what you want or need most right now in your life—what is missing or what needs attention? That could be your starting point when selecting a word. 
2. Write down what feeling or emotion that word brings up for you—how does it make you feel? This will help you form an emotional connection with your word and give it more power. 
3. Brainstorm ways that you can incorporate that feeling into your everyday life—what small changes can you make each day to help make it part of who you are? 
4. Create a master list of ideas about how to live out that word during the course of every day—whether it’s learning something new, being kinder to yourself, or taking better care of your body and mind.  Keep this pinned to your wall so you can always be reminded of ways to fulfill your intention.
Once you have chosen your word and created actionable steps around it, take time each day (or week) to reflect on how well or poorly you are implementing those ideas into practice. Some days may be easier than others but don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go as planned because mistakes are part of learning any new skill!  
Putting intentional thought into our actions leads us towards growth and transformation—which is exactly what we all strive for during this time of reflection and goal-setting at the start of every new year! 
Word of the Year
So instead of making resolutions that will likely fall by the wayside in no time at all, pick one meaningful word that will remind you daily about why you wanted to make changes in the first place! Doing so can bring clarity, focus, and purpose into each moment throughout 2021! Good luck! 
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