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81. Open Your Mind with Spencer Watson

So today’s guest is the first MAN to ever be on Kylee Mentors Moms. Can’t believe it took me this long to get a guy on here, but I am ECSTATIC for you to hear what he has to say.

Spencer is a certified body talk practitioner and has been in practice for over eight years. He has worked with over 10,000 clients 1-1, including me and two of my children.

Spencer is passionate about rewiring the brain, improving quality of life and helping people find the answers they don’t have. He is also a husband and dad of three kids under the age of six.

At 18 years old, Spencer had an autoimmune response to some immunizations and found himself in all the specialist offices, taking all the medicines and steroids, and struggling to find answers. It was debilitating physically, mentally and emotionally. Doctors were doing everything they knew, but it just wasn’t working. 

If Spencer’s experience sounds familiar, this podcast episode is just for you!

A few years into his autoimmune journey, Spencer was introduced to holistic healing after finding natural oils and herbs helped cure his pain. Spencer eventually repaired his body with holistic techniques, but realized he was so far into this new world that it wouldn’t make sense to just leave it all behind.

Spencer realized he could help others and teach them the same techniques that had helped heal his body. So that brought him into learning about body talk.

For the next couple of years, he traveled the world doing all the internships, from Chinese medicine to epigenetics to physical therapy.

Open Your Mind

What is body talk?

Spencer broke it down like this:

“Your body has a natural communication system within it, but because of stress and other factors, that communication deteriorates over time and that’s what causes mental and physical ailments.”

Body talk is about using different energy techniques to help reestablish that communication system so the body and mind can heal themselves.

“My goal is just to be the observer where the disconnect is and the observer of techniques that need to be applied so the body can reconstitute itself,” Spencer said.

Spencer emphasized how you need to do the hard work to overcome your mind and body because the brain can hijack you and the systems you have to calm down and destress. 

Simple steps to get out of your mind

Spencer talked a lot about being a spiritual being having a physical experience. And how that is forgotten all the time! He gave some simple steps to help you get out of your mind and into the spiritual – because it’s there that you can find joy in life rather than feeling like you’re going through mud every day.

Open Your Mind


“The first step is awareness,” Spencer said. “Ask yourself: ‘Have I been losing my temper more? Have I been avoiding situations or people? Have I not been feeling like myself? When’s the last time I laughed? When’s the last time I did something because I wanted to and not because I had to?’”

Spencer said that one of the ways to be aware and recognize the brain has hijacked your state is to observe how you talk. The brain will send you into an obligation cycle of: “I have to, I need to, I must, I should.” Instead, start shifting your language to “I want to, I get to, I choose to.”

After you’re aware of how you feel, start correcting by taking two to three minutes a day to be still. It’s the perfect way to regulate the nervous system and bring it back to a place of peace. And do not be afraid to get help and talk about all your negative emotions if you need to.

STEP #2:

I saved the best gold nugget for last! Momming is hard and if you’ve stuck around the podcast long enough, you should know by now that you can’t be the best mom for your kids if you don’t take care of yourself first. But Spencer couldn’t have said it better:

“You have to make yourself a priority. It is morally and ethically in my book unacceptable to not put yourself first.Western culture is contrary to that, especially if you come back from a conservative, religious background. But any virtue can become a vice. Serving others is an amazing virtue, but if it’s putting you in the ground, that’s not what it’s intended to do.”

You need to be the priority! Spencer said doing simple things like drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is the best place to start for putting yourself first.

And last thing! Find ways to lighten up. You’re supposed to have joy in this life, even when it’s really rough. Make sure you’re having fun as you go about your day, doing all the things you need to do.

Open Your Mind


Text “hey!” to (435) 246-7597 to get a free group BodyTalk session and more information on the OPENM1NDS seminar, where you will learn mind and brain healing techniques to use on their family members.

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