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Honeybook for Service Based Businesses

Honeybook isn’t just for wedding photographers or portrait photographers.  It’s not even just for photographers in general.  Anyone with a service based business can benefit from Honeybook’s customer management platform.

I have seen HoneyBook used for event planners, energy workers, hair and make up artists, consultants and more.

Here are all the ways Honeybook can work for you even if you’re not a photographer:

Online Contracts

Bring your contract templates into Honeybook and define the variable fields like customer name, event date, location, services, and so on.

When a customer is ready to agree to your services – no matter what your industry – Honeybook can pull their information into your contract template and send it out for you after your review.

Professional and Pretty Invoices

Just like the contracts, you can have your own invoice templates saved in Honeybook.  Schedule these auto-filled invoices to be sent out automatically, and send your customer friendly payment reminders, so they never overlook your invoice.

Payment collection is integrated into Honeybook using credit/debit cards and bank transfers.  No third-party services are needed, and you can connect your Quickbooks account if you have one for easy accounting.


The possibilities for email templates are endless.  If you find that you repeat the same generic emails throughout your project process, you can save these email templates in Honeybook and automate the process based on your workflow.

Manage Team Members

Honeybook allows you to create a team as large as you need to finish a project.  Manage this team from a single location and assign roles to team members.  Create templates for your team members to use and allow them to collaborate on whichever tasks they need to accomplish.

Automate Your Workflow

One of Honeybook’s strong points is its automation process.  If you have different workflows for different services, you can automate almost the entire process.  You can set triggers where, for example, a feedback questionnaire is automatically sent the day after the service has been provided.  Even if you don’t want the system to do all of this automatically for you, you can at least set up automatic reminders to prompt you when tasks need to get done.


Create questionnaire templates in Honeybook and schedule them to be sent out automatically on a timeline you define.  Collect vital information from your customers without even thinking about it.

Calendar Integration 

Honeybook’s scheduling suite can integrate with Google Calendars and the Calendly scheduling platform.  Users can schedule an event through your Calendly account, and it will be automatically synced with Honeybook and Google Calendars.  Honeybook can also check for scheduling conflicts for you.

Tasks & To Do Lists

Never forget another important task.  Honeybook can create to-do lists for you automatically, or you can create your own to-do lists, with reminders, and assign them to team members.

As you can see, all of these various aspects of running a service-based business aren’t specific to photography.  Any event or consultation business can benefit from being able to manage all of these pieces in one location.  Honeybook’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use prebuilt templates can be quickly tailored to any business.  Sign up for their free trial today and see what it can do for your business.


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