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Leaders are Born at Live Events

Maskcara convention filled me to the brim. We were immersed in the sisterhood. 1200 women together in one room bonding over our unique stories, new make up colors and our love for empowering women.

We laughed, we cried, we celebrated and we grew.

Team Bonding

It’s amazing how close and connected you can become through social media without even meeting, but nothing replaces that in-person bond.

Team Twins and Co became a family at convention. I LOVE these girls. It was so fun getting dressed up together, taking lots of pictures and sharing all our ideas and struggles.

Inspiration & Education

We got to participate in two days of speakers and breakouts. Listening to @thealisonshow, @whippycake & was definitely the highlight of all the hours of education. We were so inspired to love ourselves more, and feel like the amazing people that we are.

What I loved about the speakers is that they weren’t just for us as artists. They were for us as woman, mothers, business owners and human beings. ANYONE could have attended this conference and gained SO much for their personal lives.

My first AWARD in the MLM World

I received my first award in the MLM world: Top Enrollers that didn’t just sign up but hit their first rank. I didn’t hear my name called so I awkwardly walked across stage 15 minutes later and missed the group pic. But I didn’t care…I cried I was so shocked. SUCH a big deal for me! I didn’t want to do this business small.

I wanted to change thousands of lives, like my dad. To me, this award symbolizes sharing financial freedom, confidence and empowering women both with make up and business.

Getting Dressed Up

I especially loved all the opportunities to get dressed up and feel fancy!

Leaders are born at live events

As a second generation network marketer, this has been drilled into my brain. I’ve heard it my entire life. I’ve seen the results, and I know this to be true.

Events are where breakthroughs happen. It’s where the lightbulbs turn on. It’s where a team becomes a family.

I’ve already seen MAJOR growth in all of our teammates that attended DREAM!

Traveling the World on Uncle Sam’s Dime

Next stop: Nashville with Rachel Hollis. Then, back to Maskcara Convention in Las Vegas.

I was worried if I moved away from weddings, I would miss out on the opportunity to travel on Uncle Sam’s dime. Boy was I wrong.

I love live events!

I LOVE conferences, education, personal development and girls weekend. THIS is the best way to travel.

Who’s with us? 🛩



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