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138. 13 Lessons in 13 Years of Business | Introducing CEO Mom Club

13 Lessons in 13 Years of Business | Introducing CEO Mom Club13 Lessons in 13 Years of Business

If you’ve been following me on Kylee Ann Coaching, you know I’ve been grappling with what to do with my coaching business and podcast for a while now. But guess what? I had an amazing breakthrough! I let go of the fear of change at midnight one night a few months ago, and suddenly ideas were flowing like crazy.
13 Lessons in 13 Years of Business
One major change is happening: Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast is now re-branded into the CEO Mom Club. It’s still the same podcast, but we’re taking it to the next level.
As moms running our own businesses, it can get lonely, right? We face so many challenges that aren’t openly discussed. That’s where the CEO Mom Club comes in.
We’re going to talk about the hard stuff like letting people go, boundaries, burnout, the weight of it all. We’re going to talk about the exciting stuff like diversifying our revenue and scaling. Dive into new topics like tax strategy, diversifying, growth. As always, it’s safe space for all the Mom CEOs out there who are fully invested in their businesses. And non-Moms too!
I believe we’re ready to step it up and take our businesses to new heights. Don’t you think so too?
Tomorrow marks 13 years in business for me.  To celebrate this re-brand and 13 years in business, I want to share 13 important lessons I’ve learned along the way:
1. Slow and steady leads to sustainable growth and avoiding burnout. 
Earlier in my career I would knock out HUGE projects in a day, or week. This old version of me didn’t sleep well, insomnia, anxiety, burnout, but had killer launches. Now, I brain dump them into bite size tasks I do during my work hours. The new me sleeps 8 hours, reads every night, outsources, has time for self-care and lunch…and still has killer launches.
13 Lessons in 13 Years of Business

2. People come and go, and that’s okay. Embrace the lessons they brought into your life.

People are right for different seasons. And you can be grateful for what they were in those season. Sometimes you have to let people go that you love. Sometimes people leave and the relationship has to change. ITS FREAKING HARD. But it’s how it’s meant to be for everyone to grow on their path.  Also with that I’ve learned, I am not for everyone. Not every client, not every listener, not every employee. That’s okay!

3. Set boundaries with your time – it’s crucial for your sanity.

When I started, I said yes to everything. Now I have specific hours for work. And even specific days I do specific things (Shoot, Coaching, Podcast). This protects my work time, my family time and sanity.

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks – there are endless possibilities for success. 

There are so many ways to make money. If something fails, try something new. There are so many things I have tried, and pivoted in the last 13 years. Remember when I sold make up for crying out loud? It’s all a part of learning. Embrace it.

5. Learn how to duplicate yourself to handle the demands of your growing business. 

When I started my photography business, it was just me. A photography business isn’t traditionally something you can duplicate or scale. My business exploded right around the time my second baby was born. I couldn’t keep up. So I tried to duplicate myself. And it worked. And we’ve kept growing.

6. Continuously expand your knowledge and mindset – investing in personal growth is essential.

I have a lot of fellow entrepreneur friends that struggle investing in conferences. I have grown leaps and bounds every time I attend a conference, invest in a course, coach or mastermind.

7. You have to spend money to scale 

Ads, hiring, and outsourcing are necessary expenses if you want to grow.

8. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach – choose what resonates with you and your business. 

You don’t have to do what that coach says. Or that class says. Or that book says. There is something that contradicts every single thing. Choose what feels right for YOU. There’s no “right way” to do things.

9. Automation is a game-changer 

Make use of social media, email, and sales funnels.

10. Surround yourself with a group of fellow girl bosses – collaboration is key. 

Best thing I EVER did was expand my team. DEFINITELY.
11. Consistency is key – keep showing up to make progress.

You’ll never fail if you keep showing up. Take baby steps to the goal very day.

12. Success doesn’t require a big budget – done is better than perfect.

You can be successful without the money/fluff. You don’t need a big production for your courses. You don’t need a recording studio for your podcast. You don’t need the fanciest gear, computer, apps. You don’t need a $1000 headshot shoot. DONE is better than perfect.

13. You can have your dream week every week – it’s possible to be an amazing mom and run a successful business. 

Dream #1: Be a mom. Dream #2: Run a successful business. I get to have both I get to be the PTA mom, the classroom mom, build a team of mom bosses, travel, date my husband, coach other women, read, grow.It may not be everyone’s dream. But being home with my kids and building a killer business and community is mine.

13 Lessons in 13 Years of Business

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