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140. Turning Dreams Into Reality with Sherralynn and Caitlin

140. Turning Dreams Into Reality with Sherralynn and Caitlin

Turning Dreams Into Reality


We’ve got our first guests on the podcast today (since we rebranded to #CEOMOMCLUB) – my friends Sherralynn and Caitlin!

Sherralynn and Caitlin are a mom daughter CEO duo! They’re both business owners and they’ve paired up together to create a business! They are six figure earners and Amazon best-selling authors who quit a long and successful network marketing business in 2022 to start a new company, Dear Dreamer LLC. They take women on dreamy international empowerment retreats, and are currently filling spots for their next retreat to France!

When Caitlin was born, Sherralynn was a middle school teacher, and found herself in a tricky spot – she did not want to work and be separated from her sweet new baby! She stumbled into network marketing.  She knew that if applied herself, she could at least make what she was previously making – she had no other option than to make it work.  She worked in network marketing for 18 years, raised 4 babies, and was so successful!


Turning Dreams Into Reality


About 10 years ago, she started to feel as though she “had her ladder on the wrong wall.” My job paid the bills, it was flexible, but she was still working so much.  Each week, she was looking for something else.

When Caitlin returned from her religious mission, she began school and got a job as a drafter at a local architecture firm. She grew up with flexibility and freedom, and when she started thinking about growing her family, she knew she wanted to be around for her kids. Also, her work environment started to turn very toxic and abusive.

They both came to a crossroads… Sherralynn needed out of her network marketing business, and Caitlin needed out of her toxic job environment.

Sherralynn knew that she was gifted, strong, and brave. She came across another business opportunity in real estate, and earned a commission for exactly the amount Caitlin needed to leave her job.  Sheralynn handed her commission over to her daughter and they decided to take back their lives.  They now work 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. You do not need to be a “boss babe” or a “hustler” to be a six-figure earner!

Sherralynn and Caitlin started their company Dear Dreamer because they feel that God has called them to be leaders.  They wanted to travel the world.  They wanted to take other women with them.

I think a lot of times we forget how to dream. We grow up and we get busy and we get in the motherhood grind and the wife grind, and we put ourselves aside for a long time. Then it’s hard to come back when you have that time again. I don’t think you ever have to put it down. Sherralynn’s new book, Wake Up Dreams, is all about dreaming through motherhood, sisterhood, being a wife, while in school, etc. Check it out HERE!

As Sherralynn and Caitlin said, “When your dreams stop suiting you, pivot and find another dream. Take the skills and determination that you acquired along the way, and apply them to a new dream.”


Turning Dreams Into Reality


My entire conversation with Sherralynn and Caitlin was so inspiring to me, not just as a business owner, but also as a mother.  It helped me realized what I want to set up for my kids.  It helped me realize how I want to raise my own kids.  What example I want to set. LISTEN NOW to hear more about Turning Dreams Into Reality!

Find Sherralynn and Caitlin’s books and retreats at https://www.deardreamer.com/



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