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147. 5 Must Have CEO Mom Mindsets

147. 5 Must Have CEO Mom Mindsets #CEOMOMCLUB

CEO Mom Mindsets


Balancing the roles of a CEO and a mom is no small feat. It requires a special blend of determination, flexibility, and heart.

Here are my 5 key mindsets that help CEO moms manage both worlds effectively:


1. The Integrative Mindset: Embrace the Blend

The Integrative Mindset is an approach to problem-solving that challenges the idea of “either/or” choices.

  • Either you have to be a good mom or good at your job.
  • Either you have to be a good housekeeper or a good mom.
  • Either you have to be a stay at home mom or a career mom.


As women we are faced with SO much either/or thinking as we break the molds that were made in previous generations.

I have decided from day 1, I CAN be a good mom and good at my job. A good housekeeper and an involved mother. I can stay home for crucial times of my kids lives and days and run a successful career.

Life isn’t about keeping work and family in separate boxes; it’s about mixing them together in a way that works for you. Use what you learn in one area to help you in the other. This mindset helps you see your dual roles as complementary rather than conflicting.

My business has evolved as my kids have evolved.

  • Beginning
  • Middle (nanny)
  • Now


My kids all work for Kylee Ann Studios now. Not only is this a great tax strategy, but a great way to get your kids a little bit involved in your business.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be either / or. Embrace the blend. PS this mindset can apply to more than just Mom vs Career. Dig deep here.


CEO Mom Mindsets


2. The Resilience Mindset: Flexibility in the Face of Adversity

Things won’t always go as planned, in business or with family. Resilience means seeing challenges as chances to grow, not as setbacks. It’s about adapting, learning, and bouncing back stronger than before.

I always believe everything is happening exactly how it needs to at that time.

When people come into your life and business, it’s for a purpose. When people leave your life or business, it’s for a purpose. When things don’t book like they should, its for a purpose.

  • Rachel wouldn’t book an important wedding
  • Shelby finally booking brands
  • Major growth this January
  • Hiring right before Bryden died
  • Hiliary
  • Mandi


I know that God cares about my business. I have seen His hand in every stage of my business. I have seen him bring people to me when I need them, and even more importantly…when they need me. I have been able to build this resilient mindset by truly believing everything is how it should be.


CEO Mom Mindsets


3. The Visionary Mindset: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keep your eyes on what matters most, both at work and at home. Having clear goals helps you stay on track, make decisions, and inspire others. Remember, it’s about building the future you want for your business and your family.

You know me, I am all about those goals!

  • Vision boards
  • Goal setting
  • Manifestation Stories
  • Praying over all of it


I think some people think in order to have a vision board, you need this BIG thing you’re working towards. Nope. It can be as simple as someone looking happy on your vision board.

PS… Take my Vision Board Class!

What is happening when you have a vision for your life, is your brain can start seeing opportunities that may have been there the whole time to get you on your dream life path. It’s incredible how just being aware of your dream, can open up all the doors.


CEO Mom Mindsets


4. The Empathy Mindset: Lead with Heart

Understanding and caring about others’ feelings is crucial. Whether it’s listening to an employee or supporting your child, empathy builds trust and strengthens relationships. It makes you a better leader and a better parent.

Gratitude is an easy way to show and feel empathy for others. When I started my gratitude journal project in 2019, I had NO idea how it would shift me into a different person, with a much more grounded outlook on everything. To continue my gratitude project, I recently read a book – Lead with Gratitude.

  • Divorce
  • Loss of Team
  • Grief
  • Hard days where I want to rip my hair out


There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

I actually found the principles in that book to apply just as much to my home, as my business. It’s so important to take a minute everyday to feel gratitude. Your life and business will be SO much better for it. I promise.


CEO Mom Mindsets


5. The Growth Mindset: Always Be Learning

The world is always changing, and there’s always something new to learn. Embrace challenges as learning opportunities. Being open to new ideas and experiences helps you grow in your career and in your role as a mom.

For me that looks like:

  • Reading a business book every month
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Investing in Online Education
  • Hiring Mentors/Coaches
  • Going to lunch with industry friends
  • Conferences


CEO Mom Mindsets


In short, being a CEO mom is about blending, bouncing back, staying focused, leading with heart, and never stopping learning. With these mindsets, CEO moms can navigate their complex roles with confidence and grace.


CEO Mom Mindsets


If you are struggling with your mindset, I would HIGHLY recommend investing more time into it. Mindset is truly one of the backbones to a successful business and life.

I have a very simple Mindset + Confidence Course for $39. It’s also included in the Six Week to CEO if you have that.


I have a very simple Mindset + Confidence Course for $39. It’s also included in the Six Week to CEO if you have that!

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