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148. Finding Passion Again With Whitney

148. Finding Passion Again With Whitney #CEOMOMCLUB

Finding Passion Again

This Podcast is for CEO Moms, Career Moms, and Working Moms. But, I also think some women who are listening WANT to enter back into the workforce, but don’t know where to start.

The transition from being at home, focused mainly on raising children, back into the workforce can feel like stepping into an entirely new world. You might even feel out of touch with basic interactions, like engaging in professional conversations or networking.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to welcome a special guest who has navigated this path successfully. One of my longtime friends, Whitney.

Whitney is a mom of 5 kids ages ranging from 4 to 14. Theater had always been a huge passion for her, and she’s back full-time as President of Cache Theater after taking a 7 year hiatus. She started volunteering where she could, then climbed the company ladder until she took over the company 3 years ago. Whitney is so good at helping people. She helps find these special and incredible people, helps them be themselves, find their confidence, and let that shine.  Especially with children and teens.  She’s also very passionate about specifically helping moms feel like themselves again.

Whitney moved to Cache Valley, and along with the birth of her second daughter, she found herself experiencing some pretty hard postpartum depression. It was absolutely excruciating for her. Whitney started watching YouTube videos about makeup and hair, tried to help herself feel better, and then started passing on all the information she had gathered to other moms who were feeling similarly to herself. She started doing theater again, and that’s what really helped her start to feel better. She needed an outlet, like many moms and kids do, and participating in theater again filled her cup! Whitney said that doing things she loves and having an artistic outlet makes her a better mom!


Finding Passion Again


Theater is so very important for so many reasons.  Not only has it been incredibly important for Whitney, but for all the children she works with.  It’s been de-stigmatized, it helps great kids make friends, and it helps everyone find their own self-worth.

Get Involved! Get Social! Do it with your kids, find your passion, and do something for you!


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