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49. Get to Top of Google with Sadie Banks

The first few years in my business, I was dead on Google. All crickets, no trace of Kylee Ann Studios anywhere on the world wide web. It actually makes me cringe just thinking about it.

My dad encouraged me to try SEO so I finally switched to WordPress and tried to figure out this new world of SEO, started by just doing the basics and blogging three days a week.

Guys. After six months of putting in my time with SEO, my business exploded. I was filling up my calendar with “stranger” clients who would find me on Google and I stopped relying on friends and family to get clients.

I started from nothing and putting in my time with SEO really helped me grow, not Instagram or Facebook.

I know SEO can seem overwhelming and confusing, but it is a POWERFUL tool to have in your marketing arsenal. So, I thought it would be a good idea to bring Sadie Banks on to the podcast this week to help make SEO seem less scary.

Sadie works for Manta, an online marketing company that helps businesses with their directories and SEO. She is an SEO and marketing guru, so there is no one better to help us break this down!

Sadie gave us so many SIMPLE and EASY tips that you can do to help you be successful in SEO and grow online. You never know which tip will transform your business…




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