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90. From 0 to $5k Without a Website with Sadie Banks

From 0 to $5k Without a Website with Sadie Banks

Sadie has been one of my 1-1 coaching students and I have been a client of her 1-1 Reels Done For You for the past six months and it has been an awesome partnership. But I’m way excited because she is also the FIRST person invited back to the podcast! We are talking about Sadie’s journey from 0 to $5k without a website!

Last time Sadie was here, she was working at an SEO company for small business and she did a whole episode on SEO. If you want to check out that episode, I’ll link it here but I’m not going to get into that too much.

From 0 to $5k Without a Website

Change of Plans

So! Sadie was working for this SEO business and her plan was to work there for life and be her family’s breadwinner. This was so set that her husband even handed in his two weeks notice for his job. But a few days later, Sadie found out she was pregnant and then found out she couldn’t really work because of pregnancy sickness. So she had to quit work, go on bed rest and her husband had to go back to work.

Sadie has also been on an infertility journey for years and years which led her to start Good Grief Journals, a way to turn grief into a story and move forward. She had been through IVF with her first baby, but this second baby was a complete surprise! She was on bed rest, super sick and a little stir-crazy. She couldn’t do anything she was doing before and of course was worried about bringing in zero income, well actually bringing in -$0 income because of the cost to maintain Good Grief Journals.

But Sadie is the entrepreneur type so in November, she went to a photography retreat and someone she was with brought up how much they hated making Reels. To prove them wrong, Sadie made them a Reel right then and there and they ended up asking Sadie if she would actually make Reels for their business. Reels Done For You was born!

What I love about Sadie is she’s really good at following her intuition – listening to all the little nudges. She goes for it instead of calculating all the fears. When something feels right, lean into that because that is your intuition.

From 0 to $5k Without a Website

Realizing the Need for a Coach

Sadie realized the market for Reels-making was huge because a lot of small business owners struggle with making the Instagram videos. Her business quickly went from 0 to $5k, with 17 clients within the first month. And remember, she was doing this all of this while on bed rest at 28 weeks pregnant.

Even though Sadie’s business was growing fast and she was making income, she said it was a mess.

“It kept growing and I realized that I didn’t have systems to make my client’s experience good. I’d make the Reels and return them and that was it. And I know how to create systems if I had the time. But I couldn’t stop my business for three months to work on systems. I had active clients. It just came to a point where I had to hire a coach because I didn’t know how to take what I had and make it a seamless and enjoyable system.

Sadie needed to systemize and organize her business. And that’s when she hired me!

Before and After the Systems

Sadie was making day-of Reels or day-before Reels and like 25 a day. She felt like she wasn’t giving her clients the experience she wanted to give them, where they would refer her to other people. Sadie said there was just confusion and chaos all over the place – not remembering if Reels were made or posted. There was no balance between work and family life because she was constantly working on Reels.

After the systems Sadie and I put in place, she now has a client experience where she can ask for testimonials and referrals. And she can now handle new clients! No more drowning in creating Reels!

Two systems that helped Sadie the most was the on-boarding process and lessening her workload. Before I worked with Sadie, she would do all the work, figure out all her clients’ key messages and listen to all their content. We quickly realized that her clients needed to be doing more work – more of the target audience and key messages and SEO and filming video clips.

Guys, Sadie wasn’t just creating Reels but basically creating their entire marketing strategy and deciding what their target audience was. And that’s a lot to remember when you have 20 clients. Sadie had 10x the amount of work before the systems:

“I felt like I had to do it all. I just didn’t realize I could ask more of my clients. I thought I was their Reels person so I should just do it all. I feel like that’s how a lot of women feel in their businesses, but that’s not true. You need to be able to ask for what you need to do your job better.”

From 0 to $5k Without a Website

Working on Your Business vs. Working in Your Business

Since working with Sadie, she has hired a much-needed assistant! She was doing so much by herself, spending too much time working in her business, not on her business or spending time with her family. With just one employee, she is able to get to her waitlist of clients and prioritize the things that matter that move the needle forward in her business!

It’s those little things, like hiring an assistant or creating onboarding processes, that a business coach can point out and make the difference in your business! Now Sadie can scale her business and do new things because she’s not constantly using all her free hours doing her business things.

You cannot grow, you cannot scale, if you’re constantly working in your business. If you feel like you’re spending all your free time, even your work time, on working in your business, that will lead to burn out! Hiring a business coach can help identify red flags you can’t see and prevent the burn out.

This week, Sadie is opening FIVE more of her 1-1 spots. She’ll create your Reels and captions, and make sure they’re SEO friendly, AND post them for you! I have been one of her Reels clients for months and it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. You have to make sure you snag one of those openings!


Listen to the full episode here – 0 to $5k Without a Website with Sadie Banks

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