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Sometimes being is more important than doing. Successful people can do do do but can they just be? :point_left: I recently read a book about being a better mom and these thoughts stuck out to me. Success is not defined by how much we can cram into our schedule, or being the best at whatever it is we like to do. It being content and happy with where and who we are. This is what I hope to instill into my children as they start into this world of dance, school, sports and achievements.

How I have focused more on being instead of doing

1. Outsource A TON!

I’ve started taking on ONLY the things that are essential. What are the things that only I can do? Or I do best? Or are the best way to spend my time? Outsource the rest!

These are the things that left my list first:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Laundry Folding
  • Outsourcing a TON of Editing, Blogging, Marketing and Admin tasks
  • etc…

“Sacrifice MONEY to have more money, give up CONTROL to have control of our lives.”

2. Hire a Sitter

For the past year and a half I’ve hired a babysitter consistently EVERY single week for at least 4 hours! It is incredible how much guilt-free, distraction-free work you can fit into four kidless hours.

3. Kid Days and Vacations

Last winter when I was in a major winter funk, I started weekly kid days. I took my kids OUT of the house (usually city) for an entire day of kid-related fun. We went to museums, parks, aquariums, zoos. It was at their pace. I usually didn’t bring any mom friends with so I could just focus on them the entire time. I even took them on 2-3 vacations just focused on what they would love to do. It changed my perspective and priorities SO much.

4. Self Care

Self-care. It’s one of the first things to go when you jump into motherhood or a new career or that busy life hustle. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to get myself back after several years of not planning enough time to breathe. I recently heard that a person can do more good in the world if they practice self care. I’ve been adding in work outs, reading for fun, girls nights in, foot zones and pedicures into my routine.

5. Podcast, Books & TV

When I was in the “hustle” phase of business I was constantly reading personal development books, watching informational Youtube videos and always cramming my brain with more things I need to improve on. NOW my Podcast list is focused on entertaining, feel good episodes. I throw in a business mentor to the shuffle every so often, but my new goal is to work on ME not my business constantly. The same goes for books and TV… Instead of Dave Ramsey and the Shark Tank, I make sure I’m balancing my education with entertainment. Relaxing, dumb, don’t have to think about it entertainment.

6. Daily Mediation, Scripture Study & Prayer

If you’re not the religious type, you can still benefit from 30 minutes of peace and quiet. There are so many apps that are great for meditation. I know that when I remember my scripture study and prayer in my daily routine my priorities line up better. Life just makes more sense. I’m calmer,

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