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09. Be intentional with your time

Its hard to be present with your kids when you have so many ideas in your head

My mind is going all day long. I can go one hour driving in the car with ABC kid soundtrack playing and not notice because my inner dialogue is so strong. Ideas come to me in the car, in the shower and while I’m trying to play with my kids. I realized, you have to learn to be intentional with your time. 

I realized wasn’t being present even when I was trying to because my brain was always thinking of how to grow my business. I would finish playing with my kids and already miss them because my mind wasn’t there.

 Be intentional with your time

We cannot always control when we work, but we can control when we don’t work. 

There are two parts to this topic…. Getting thoughts out of your head and being more intentional with the time we do have.

Be intentional with your time

Here are 8 things I do to be present and intentional:

1. Brain Dump

Get your lists, thoughts and feelings out of your head.

2. Stop listening to business advice 24/7.

Consuming podcasts for business all day long will get your mind thinking about business all day long. Instead turn on music, a parenting podcast, an audible book. Something to get your thoughts balanced.

3. Put your to-do lists into my calendar.

Instead of having to dos hanging over your head, schedule them in so you know they’ll get done and don’t have to think about them all the time.

4. Get a sitter for work hours. 

It’s impossible to focus on your work and focus on your kids at the same time. Using a babysitter will help balance life and business!

5. Schedule everything

Be intentional with your time: If you don’t tell your time where to go, you won’t know where it went? We cannot always control when we work, but we can control when we don’t work. 

6. Read to your children everyday

Start reading to your children when they are babies and don’t stop! It helps me feel connected to them even when the rest of the day was crazy.

P.S. Don’t go buy a million books. Go to your local library. Another mom win! Kids love the entire process of the library. Find the best books from your library!

7. Speak kindly

Use a positive tone when you are talking to your children. Use affirmations CONSTANTLY! I love to pour on the positive affirmations as I drive my kids to school or put them down to sleep. I don’t want them to beat themselves up over mistakes they made or ways they misbehaved. This has helped our relationships so much.

8. Make intentional time with your kids everyday

Whether it’s five minutes at the end of the night or sneaking out on a date in the middle of the week, intentional time with every child is so important. Kids get lost in the chaos on this one on one time allows you to focus on that one child and really see their needs.

Be intentional with your time

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