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10. Do Less, Better

Outsourcing can Save you Time and Money

I legitimately lost my mind.

It was almost two years ago when I was in the middle of a family shoot and my memory completely disappeared. I finished the shoot (miraculously) and headed to the ER. It was a stress migraine that made me lose my memory for several hours. The MRI came back clear, labs were okay but I was not.

That was just beginning of the downhill for me. I started losing my memory constantly. I was stressed always, overworked, anxious, overwhelmed and just plain scared. I was keeping track of over 75 brides with an excel spreadsheet. Nothing was automated. There were no systems. It was only a matter of time before one would be forgotten. And one fall evening it happened. Luckily I didn’t forget completely, but somehow, somewhere I miswrote the appointment…and I was an hour late. I showed up to my session and the poor mother was almost in tears. I drove home from that session and knew something had to change.

I was overworking.

About a month later I had a major shift. I attended a conference and met a doctor that changed my life in the exact same weekend. I got ahold of my health and my business but it took a lot of work, a lot of learning and a lot of change. Systems, automation, outsourcing, asking for help and most of all, a mental shift. 

Outsourcing can Save you Time and Money

The next year was our biggest year in history thus far but I worked the least amount. Why? Because I did less, better.

At the conference I attended, Mary Marantz explained the Lifespan of a s small business:

  • Good at something
  • Become professional
  • Good word of mouth
  • More work than time
  • Burnout
  • Bad word of mouth
  • Business failure

How do we avoid this?

We have to transition to CEO to stay in business. We have to lose the small business mindset. We CAN succeed past the statistics. There will be hard times, but we can succeed. Believe in yourself.

OUTSOURCE: Do less, better

If you are constantly maintaining your business, you can’t grow it. You can do anything but not everything

The questions I ask myself?

  • Am I good at it?
  • Does it have to be me doing it?
  • Do I enjoy it?
  • Does it bring in income?

Where is your time best spent? Is it shooting and marketing? Or is it editing and designing pricing guides? Are you the ONLY one that can clean your house?? NO! There are things that others can do for you. Sometimes better and faster.

There are tons of people that can do your dreaded tasks and chores for you, and save you time and money. What do you absolutely dread? OUTSOURCE! Spend one hour cleaning your house or spend one more hour a week making money by shooting..

Outsourcing can Save you Time and Money

But I don’t have money…

You have to sacrifice money to make more money. When you outsource a job for $10/hr, you can do more jobs that pay you $100+/hr. Even though you are spending money, you are saving money too by focusing on what brings in more money to your business.

But I’m better at it…

Find people who can do it as good as you. You don’t have to sacrifice quality. Other people can do what you do better AND actually like it.

But I don’t have time to teach someone…

You can spend 4 hours teaching someone, save hundreds of hours later. Also, you can avoid that burnout and feeling like you’re constantly drowning. If you free up even ten hours a week to stop doing one thing, can you imagine what you could do for your business in that 10 hours? You could easily market enough to book a new client to pay for that outsourcing, or network with a new vendor you want to work with and build a connection.

Outsourcing, when done correctly, is a return on your investment and a return on your time. Outsourcing can Save you Time and Money!

Outsourcing can Save you Time and Money

I don’t want to look like I can’t handle it all…

The more help you get with the maintaining, the more you’re able to grow. Do what you love, not what you think you need to do. We get back to doing what WE were created to do and everything else still gets done.

Things to Outsource:

  • Blogging
  • Emailing
  • Scheduling Instagram
  • Watching Babies
  • House Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Accounting and Book Keeping
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reels

Who do you outsource to?

  1. An intern or employee
  2. A company that specializes in each task

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