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68. Releasing Negativity through the Black Journal

You guys KNOW how passionate I am about journaling. I have shared my journaling methods here on the podcast, on my blog, in my coaching programs, in my energy sessions, etc. But we needed ONE episode dedicated to releasing heavy energy with black journaling.
If you’re going through a hard time, feeling anxious or needing a reminder, you can easily listen to this quick episode to remember.

What is a Black Journal?

It is a journal dedicated to the negativity that surrounds us. A safe place you go to when you’re frustrated, angry, scared, anxious, annoyed, bitter, resentful or just plain bugged. It’s a journal used each day to brain dump ALL the frustrations or worries in your life. Maybe even some days it’s every hour.

The process is broken into two parts.

Part 1: Vent. The black journal is a safe space to vent without repercussions or judgement.
Part 2: Release. After your vent session, you release. You Scribble. You Rip. You shred. You burn. Get rid of ALL of it with the intention of releasing it from your mind also!
Black Journaling

How to Black Journal

1. Get a notebook or paper and pen
2. Find a quiet spot
3. Set a timer for 15 minutes and brain dump
4. Release in whatever feels right for you — rip, scribble, shred, burn — the pages with the intention that when you get rid of all that baggage it releases from your mind and body as well
5. Feel lighter + live your life in peace
Black Journaling


– Write out all the worries about future
– Letter to someone you want to chew out
– Bullet point everything bugging you

Most Importantly…

Don’t forget to let go. Once you are done black journaling, you should feel better. You should feel a release. You shouldn’t have to keep talking about it, thinking about it or worrying about it.

Black journal all the negative away to clear room for more light.

Black Journaling
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