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85. Running a Business as a Anxious Momma

Running a Business as an Anxious Momma | Kylee Ann Mentors Moms

It’s a busy month, cue the anxiety

It is a big month over here at Kylee Ann Coaching – the first round of group marketing is going on right now, also getting ready to launch the May Marketing Challenge, doing family sessions and brand shoots back to back in the studio, and gearing up for another content day! Everything is insane over here!

I usually love to have the business moving and so many things happening, but this past month it’s just contributed to a lot of anxiety.

Running a business as an anxious momma

Postpartum Anxiety

After I had Piper, I had postpartum anxiety for two years and since then it comes and goes and I can usually work it out. But this past month I had anxiety every single day. I would wake up with extreme anxiety every single day and it just felt like I was in fight or flight for the entire month of March.

And outside of my business, there was just a lot going on. It was the beginning of everything that was happening with Ukraine and Russia, so I would hear the news and everyone’s different opinions on what’s going on over there and just go into a worry-frenzy. Then gas prices were insane and costs were going up like crazy, and in the middle of all these increasing costs, we decided to buy a second home in Bear Lake!

Running a business as an anxious momma

Financial anxiety

It’s been my husband’s dream to have a second home in Bear Lake and the perfect opportunity presented itself so we decided to go for it. But that same day I learned I owed way more than I thought in taxes and the rims were bent on my car and the expenses just seemed to pile up all of a sudden.

So just the perfect storm that pumped constant fear and panic into my life! I was worried if my husband and I had made the right decision buying this Bear Lake home, if the country was going into a recession and if the housing market was going to crash. Just all the things that fueled spiraling thoughts.

Anxiety while running a business

But even though I was in the most debilitating panic I’ve had in a really long time, I was able to hit my business and income goals for the month of March and I want you to know that you can too! So these are things I did to help me push through and thrive in my business:

Running a business as an anxious momma

1 – Do Something for Your Business Everyday

This isn’t just working in your business like creating the product designs or editing galleries. This is doing something for your business. What are you doing to grow your business everyday? And don’t get overwhelmed and make it 10 or 20 things, just pick one thing to do everyday. Doing something to grow my business everyday kept it moving throughout the whole month despite how I was feeling.

So some actions steps I did for my business were make a post on Instagram about my Becoming a Brand Photographer class, schedule my mini sessions, schedule emails, do a set of stories on my coaching program and fix my email funnel.

2 – Black Journal

You have to get all of your problems out of your brain or they swirl around and cause you to worry more and more. Write down all the reasons you’re stressed and don’t hold anything back. All the negative feelings may come back again and you’ll just have to black journal it all out again, it happens to me all the time. Black journaling is about releasing the negative energy into something else and so you can move on for the day and leave the worry behind.

3 – Breath Work

Meditation is great for working through anxiety and quieting your mind, but it’s hard for me just because of time. So instead of meditating I would breathe through all the heavy emotions. I would just take deep breaths in, inhaling love, light and calm. And exhale the negativity, anxiety and worry. Doing breath work helps to reset your mind so you’re not carrying that negative energy into your next activity.

4 – Dance Party in the Kitchen

There’s nothing like moving to a high energy song to get you going. I’ve been doing this a lot the last two weeks and it totally boosts your mood and lifts your spirits. Make a playlist of songs, so that no matter what mood you’re in, it makes you want to dance and start moving even if you’re in a bad mood.

5 – Get an Appointment

If you’re really struggling, you can get help. A doctor, a body practitioner, a therapist. It doesn’t matter what it is. Choose what will work for you. Sometimes professional help is needed to work through your anxiety and that’s okay. Sometimes you just need someone else to help you rethink and give you new tools and new skills.

6 – Look at What’s Going on in Your Body

Are you drinking water or exercising enough? Is there an imbalance? Do you need supplements? Do you need mediation? So many things going on and not looking inside and what’s going on. Really be aware of what’s going on in your body, where things are feeling and how you feel after certain things.

7 – Talk to Someone about how You’re Feeling

Doesn’t always need to be a therapist. But asking someone else helps to bring in a different perspective and even reassure your worries. You need someone in your life who can talk to you with solutions instead of anxiety and more problems. Someone who is validating, smart, solution-based.

8 – Prayer

Prayer is suuuuuper helpful for me. It solves that negative energy and all those things that are trying to take away my personal power. God can help me release that darkness and those energies I don’t want in my life.

9 – Read, watch or listen to something uplifting

Scriptures, podcasts or feel-good Hallmark movies, funny TV shows.

Running a business as an anxious momma

Being a business owner is stressful, so ensuring that your mental health is in top shape is a MUST! You have to have the mental health and the mindset things to keep moving forward in your business. And also realize that you’re probably not alone, there’s lots of business owners in the same anxious place as you finding it hard to get things done. But you don’t have to stay there! Use these tools to find that happy, productive person. Just keep moving and find your real person under all that worry and anxiety.

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