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97. How to Make More Money

“Well, they must have fallen into money.”

“They just have it easy because they have two incomes and nice jobs.”

“They have money just because they got lucky.”

If you’ve had any of those thoughts about other people and their spending choices, you’re 99.99% triggered by money.

How to Make More Money

Honestly, those aren’t the best thoughts because most people work hard for their money. If you listen to this podcast, you’re an entrepreneur who knows how hard you work for your money.

It’s not going to help you grow your profits if you’re comparing yourself to others, seeping in jealousy and playing the “that’s not fair” game. Those thoughts actually limit yourself from making more.

How to Make More Money

I’m here to tell you that anyone can make money. And the sooner you neutralize your money triggers, the better off you’ll be – mentally and financially. Here’s what you’re going to do:

1 – Adjust Your Mindset

Like I said before, you have to neutralize your triggers and how much money means to you. You’re holding way too much pressure when it comes to money! Accept that what you want is possible, you can make that much money.

Also release generational beliefs that were placed before you, from parents and grandparents. Generations of negative money mentality: moms shouldn’t work, you shouldn’t charge people and just help out family, money doesn’t grow on trees, if you have too much money you’re prideful. Beliefs like that. Those beliefs hinder success!

A few months back I hired a money coach (yes, those actually exist) and went through my triggers around money. A lot of those triggers were due to my generational beliefs and what I had been taught about money. Once I neutralized those triggers with my coach, I felt comfortable to unleash all these things I had been wanting to do for months, but was scared to do because of what other people would perceive of me due to bringing in more revenue.

Adjust your all-or-nothing thinking and tell yourself that there’s more than one way to make money. Society has taught us that there is only one way to make money: go to college, work a 9-5 job, eventually mom stays home while dad goes to work.

How to Make More Money

No! You can be an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a contractor, a creator. It’s 2022, there are so many ways to make money.

Last thing I’m going to say to this is stop worrying about what other people are doing. What other people are doing with their money doesn’t affect you. Make that mindset switch to stay in your lane.

You are on your own path and have different goals than others. One person might like to buy a big house with their money but your goals with money is to travel or have a nice wardrobe.

2 – Don’t Focus on the Money

I don’t ever feel like I need to make a certain amount of revenue off my photography sessions or my coaching clients. I just know what kind of lifestyle I want and I know what kind of value I’m putting out into the world.

I know I’m putting out value and it’s going to come back to me, whether monetarily or intrinsically. For me, I do what I do because I have so much satisfaction in helping other women, pursuing my passion and having a purpose.

Stop caring so much about every penny. I’ve had women tell me that they felt jolted by certain coaches because they charged them extra fees for being late and would add on a cancellation fee if they wanted to pull out because they discovered their coach wasn’t the right fit for them. Of course there’s situations that call for things like that, but I feel like I am here to help rather than nickel and dime.

If you’re focused more on money than helping people, people will stop coming to you and it’s just an icky way to run business.

How to Make More Money

3 – Take Risks

I was fortunate to grow up in an entrepreneur household. My dad, my mom, my grandpa all have that entrepreneurial spark. My dad would always take opportunities and if they didn’t work out, he knew there were more opportunities. I just learned that it’s okay if something doesn’t work out, there’s always something to learn, people to meet and another way to do things.

There were times when my family would have a lot of money and times when my family was living on savings. My dad would take risks and some of them would work out, some of them wouldn’t work out. He never let those failures pull him down and keep him from doing what he wanted to do. My dad was constantly putting himself on the line, exploring things and going for it.

The lesson here is that you just have to go for it. I see a lot of entrepreneurs with great ideas and great experience, but their fears keep them back. The fear of putting themselves out there, the fear of what other people will think of them, the fear of wasting money if it doesn’t work out.

Those are hard fears to get past, but if you go for it, the reward is so much greater.

If I hadn’t put myself out there in photography 10 years ago and embarrassed myself back then, I would not be where I am now. No six figure business with 10 other women working with me and so many opportunities missed to help and serve others.

4 – Invest in Education

I did this at an early point in my business by attending conferences. Each conference would connect me with people to buy online courses from and attend retreats. I have made a habit of investing in education the whole time I’ve been a business owner and I don’t stop. Whether ti’s coaches or books or courses.

There are opportunities everywhere. Just choose a conference or retreat, hire a coach, watch YouTube video, read a book, listen to a podcast.

When you learn new things, you can increase in your offerings and provide better services, leading to more revenue.

How to Make More Money

5 – Be Consistent

I see a lot of entrepreneurs start businesses or provide products/services, but then pull out a month or two later because they don’t see sales. I almost did this with next month’s round of group coaching when I didn’t see people signing up right away.

People have the tendency to quit right before they start seeing success. Don’t let that be you! Be consistent, keep going and don’t quit.

I hope you realize that you can make money and it’s not limited to some people. My husband and I both started at zero. I did not inherit anything, he didn’t inherit anything. He educated himself and so did I, learning how to do things and going for it when the intuition landed. And you can too!

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