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105. Getting Ready to Scale Your Business with Brooklyn Kay

I am so excited to have Brooklyn join us on the podcast today! Not only is Brooklyn the founder of Brooklyn Kay Marketing Co., but she’s also my little sister! After working with Brooklyn in many capacities for so many years, I must say – Brooklyn is so knowledgeable, thorough, cares deeply about the business and clients she works with, and I’m excited that she’s here to teach us all about Paid Marketing Strategies.

Brooklyn graduated from Utah State University in 2020, but after a traumatic failed attempt in the corporate marketing world in 2021, she quit her job and founded Brooklyn Kay Marketing Co. She quickly realized that she felt most authentic when helping women-owned businesses succeed in the online, social space. As a trained Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager and Marketing Strategist, she quickly got to work learning and developing strategies to level-up her clients’ businesses. Her first client made over $60,000 in sales at 400% returns (ROAS) in 8 months! With businesses growing so quickly and so many people to help, Brooklyn hopes to expand her company in the near future.

As a business owner, I know how scary and daunting Paid Marketing Strategies can be!  This topic could seriously be a whole conference or a whole workshop – so in today’s podcast, we are going to be a bit brief, give you a summary about ads, and provide you with some important takeaways so you can best prepare to scale your business!

Scale Your Business


1 – There is so much more to a paid ad strategy than just the ads themselves 

As an ad manager, many people think marketing professionals just write up an ad, put it on Facebook, and people start coming.  However, Brooklyn looks at all aspects of a business’s marketing and then creates a cohesive tailored, marketing plan.  Not only does she create, deploy, and manage ad campaigns, she looks at their funnels (turning a stranger into a paying client or a sale), email campaigns, and numerous other components needed to have a successful marketing strategy.  Brooklyn also consults on product launches and services, consults on social media strategies, and best marketing practices.


2 – You can prepare to run ads NOW – even if you can’t afford it right now

“Ads are so important for business owners who have outlived their welcome in their warm audience.”  There comes a point where you’ve talked so much to your warm audience that you hit a roadblock and you need to start reaching new people. So, when you start putting money behind ads, you’re able to reach those individuals who want and need you, but wouldn’t find you otherwise.  

The first step to preparing your business to run ads is to build out a funnel.  You should be building and creating an email list, which means you also need a way to collect these email address (landing page, freebie, or offer)!  As you start to build your email list, you need to be sending emails regularly to your audience – provide your audience with value, then ask them questions and engage with them so you can get to know your audience better! Once you’ve built your audience and sold your product or service, then it’s time to invest in paid ad campaigns and management.  

Even though ads can be expensive, and it’s scary, remember the immeasurable value you’re getting from running ads! By running ads, you often have hundreds even thousands of people who are adding to your funnels and email lists to be your customers down the road! Prepare NOW so you can best scale your business when you’re ready and able to do so! 


3 – Hire an Ad Manager and Marketing Strategist who knows what they’re doing

Unfortunately, Brooklyn hears from a lot of people that have had bad experience with paid ads. It’s hard to put a lot of hope and money into Facebook ads for them not to work.  Ads are tricky, and it’s not necessarily your fault! Paid Marketing Strategies and ads can get such a bad rap, but that’s likely because they are not being managed correctly, or are being managed by someone who does not know how best to help your business.  The best bit of advice Brooklyn has is to hire an expert – someone who knows what they’re doing. How do you know they know what they’re doing? 

Brooklyn recommends looking for these things: 

  • You need to be spending no less than $1,000 on ads per month – ads are a pay to play game, so the more money you can spend, the more success you will likely have. If someone recommends you spend less than $1,000 a month in ad spend, then they likely aren’t going to get you the returns you’re needing. 
  • They need to be passionate and be invested themselves in the latest strategies that are most effective. This passion comes from helping multiple clients, and they should have references and testimonials!

Scale Your Business Scale Your Business

Brooklyn wants to be accessible to the small business owners who are ready and eager to scale their businesses! She offers consultations and is looking to assist clients in their marketing plans! I have linked Brooklyn’s website and Instagram below, as well as provided you with a link to her FREE Pre-Launch checklist!

Find Brooklyn Here:


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