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Where are the inquiries?

Where are the inquiries? Why am I not booking? I just raised my prices, did I make a mistake? Should I lower my prices? Should I just quit? What am I going to do?

Panic. I see panic coming in all directions from photographers, coaches, stylists.. It’s not just one, or ten. It’s everywhere. It’s seems that budgets are lower than ever and the inquiries aren’t coming in as thick as they used to.

You can cut your pricing in half, and still struggle.

I can’t remember where I heard this quote, but it’s been etched in my brain ever since. Pricing is usually not the problem if you’re having trouble booking. If you think you’re worth a price, you are. Do not lower your price. 

So if it’s not pricing, what’s wrong?

1. They don’t feel connected to you.

All they can see is your best, the your competitions best and a price. If you aren’t connecting with them on a personal level and sharing your unique strengths, all they have to choose from is that dollar sign. You want clients that want you for YOU, regardless of the price. Invite them into your life, so they’ll invite you into their life.

2. They don’t see the value.

Why would they spend $100 or 1000 more on you than another that can do a good enough job? What’s different about your style or your experience? Can they see that?

Let’s fix that!

Great marketing doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or time consuming. It’s all about using your current social media outlets, website and blog to reach your ideal clients. It’s about showing your value, being yourself and networking. You don’t need to advertise, you don’t need to hit up bridal fairs. Use the things that are right in front of you to get the right clients running your way.

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